Where Have I Been?!?!

Hey everyone!

I am so so so sorry for not having a post uploaded for the last couple of weeks, even months.  Lately I have been super busy. This will probably be a short post, but all this is, is to tell you guys what I've been up to and why I haven't uploaded anything. However if I stay organised, I will hopefully get back into regular uploads! So, I'll get into discussing where I've been...

Firstly, starting back at I mentioned in a previous blog post, I started a new course, and I have been trying to stay organised with that, and I have have quite a lot of work to do since starting.  I do really enjoy my course though, which helps! If you have started new subjects, courses or new studies, how are you finding them?

I also recently got a job, which I absolutely love! And I've been quite busy with that too, which I do not mind because I'm enjoying it so much.

So, I am definitely working on managing my time better so that I have more free time to …

College Experience

Hey everyone!

I'm very sorry that there hasn't been a blog post for the passed two weeks, I have been busy with college and getting back into the routine. Better late than never I suppose?! But I will be trying to get a post up every week when I have time and get into a routine.

Everyone has been back to school/college for three weeks now (well in the UK), and I hope you've had a good time back so far! So as the title says, I'm going to share my experience of college this year so far, and hopefully it may help some of you for when you are faced with similar situations.

Last year I was in college, I had friends in college that had been my friends in school, however, I never really had the chance to make friends.  Obviously part of this is down to myself not being confident enough.  So after thinking about my career path, I decided that the course was not for me and there was a more suited course to me.  However, despite me not enjoying the course very much, I passed th…

My Favourite Quotes

Hey everyone!

If you've just gone back to school/college, I hope you had a good first week back!

I've always been into reading quotes, and absolutely love anything that has a quote written on! I could spend hours looking at quotes, and recently I have been going through a stage where all I want to do is look through and read quotes.  I have so many favourites, and I find each ones can mean a lot. Obviously everyone has different opinions, and you may think differently to me, so I will just say what I think of these quotes. The quotes are in no particular order as I don't think I could really choose an order! Also, none of these quotes are mine.

Lets get into the quotes...

'Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise' - I love this one because it's so true...whatever problems you face, they will disappear, and soon everything will be fine.  It just takes time.

'Train your mind to see the best in every situation' - I think this quote is good becau…

How To Stay Organised and Motivated

Hey everyone!

As it's getting closer to the time where everyone goes back to school/college after the summer holidays, I thought I would try and upload a helpful post of how to stay organised and motivated. I will list the tips, and I know they might be obvious, or maybe silly, but it all helps right?!

Tip 1: Buy a new bag

Buying a new bag isn't a necessity, but if like me you love bags then it's always nice to get a new one.  If one year I bought a really good bag, I haven't always needed to buy a new one every year, so I kept the same bag.  Like everything, there's just something exciting about having a new bag!

Tip 2: Buy some new stationary

One of my main reasons for loving going back to school/college after the summer is because I LOVE stationary, and love watching back to school hauls on YouTube.  I feel like when I buy new stationary before starting a new school year, it motivates me, and I'm the type of person who spends absolutely ages looking at what st…

Reading List

Hey everyone!

Recently, I have been reading a lot as I have been enjoying it, so I decided to share the books I am wanting to read after I finish my current book, which is Anne Frank - The diary of a young girl (which I bought in Amsterdam at the museum).  And also, reading has always been one of my hobbies. I've always been a big reader, but I find I go through stages of wanting to read loads, and other times I only want to read a few pages or not at all.  So, I'm just going to list 10 books I want to read, and I will link them all.  Once I have read these books listed, I may do a book review post, so lookout for book reviews!

1. The Fault In Our Stars - John Green
Ever since watching the film, I have wanted to read the book.  I recently purchased the book, and cannot wait to read it! I would also like to read more of John Green's novels.

2. What You See Is What You Get - Alan Sugar
After watching the apprentice this year, I wanted to read an Alan Sugar book, and came acr…

My Trip to Amsterdam!

Hey everyone!

I hope you enjoyed my last post, which was 'Places I'd Like To Visit'. As you can tell from the title, this post is about my trip to Amsterdam. I will talk about my whole experience, from flying, to arriving, to the things I did and leaving. I'm just going to go straight into the post because I'm so excited to be writing about this!

It was honestly the most incredible experience, and I definitely would like to go back there.  I had been waiting for months to go, since it was booked, and when the time finally came to leave for the airport I was ecstatic! I went for 3 days, so 4 nights, but I will talk about the day I went and the day I left. I will also include some photos I took. 😊

Day 1:
I wasn't really nervous about flying until we were queuing to board the   plane. I didn't feel that calm until we landed but the flight overall was really good, and it was a short flight too.

When we arrived in Amsterdam, I was still a little nervous as I had…

Places I'd Like To Visit

Hey everyone!

Earlier this week I was kind of torn on what post to upload today, so I decided to run a poll on twitter (@mydailylife_123) and the idea with the most votes was 'Places I'd like to visit', so I will just talk about a few of places I'd like to visit (no particular order), and any sights I'd like to see, as I LOVE sightseeing! Who doesn't though?! I decided to have this as one of the posts to upload, because I am very interested in travel/travelling, and one day I would like to have the opportunity to visit many different countries.

Firstly, one place I would like to visit, and have always wanted to is New York, and I'm sure everyone else wants to go too.  I would love to visit New York around Christmas time, I just think it would look amazing.  Of course it would look amazing anytime of the year, but I just think being there around Christmas time would be nice, as it would look pretty.

In New York I would like to see a few of the well known at…